Fiber optic probes for BPH and Endoveinous therapy
Fiber optic probes for BPH and Endoveinous therapy
Medical Fiber
Medical Fiber

Laser treatment of BPH  (Benign Prostate Hyperplasia) is a minimally invasive surgical technique as an alternative to Trans-Urethral Resection (TURP) .

As the laser energy has to be delivered laterally a special distal end of the fiber is required.  The first technology developed was based on an angled polished fiber end enclosed in a capillary. The laser light was reflected laterally by the fiber end through the capillary. This configuration was not adapted to work in contact with the tissue and rapidly losing efficiency over time.

SEDI-ATI patented design is using a curved fiber tip which allows faster and longer surgeries with possibility to work in contact with the tissue.



Our fiber is USP Class VI certified, non toxic and biocompatible.

Standard product is using a 600 µm core all silica fiber. 


The probe is equipped with the “Supernova””tm SMA connector manufactured by SEDI-ATI. This connector is specially designed for power application and equipped with a copper free standing ferrule and a heat dissipator for improved performances.. The assembly technique avoid any stress on the fiber.


Distal end

The fiber end is inserted into a silica capillary and a patented fusion and bending process is then applied to obtain a side firing effect together with a perfect retention of the capillary.



“Curved” fibers with a capillary assembly at the distal end are jacketed with a biocompatible  material.


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