Fiber optic probes for BPH and Endoveinous therapy
Fiber optic probes for BPH and Endoveinous therapy
Medical Fiber
Medical Fiber

Introduction to medical fiber optic probes

Clean room medical fiber assembly of SEDI-ATI

A medical fiber probe is a length of optical fiber protected by a coating or jacket and with two specifically prepared ends.

One end is generaly equiped with a connector interfacing the laser and the other (distal) is cleaved or polished or can be more sophisticated with a special design (angle,“side-fire”, sphere, protective glass, etc...).

One of the critical point is to select properly the fiber. Adequate fiber construction, coating, and cabling vary according to the specific medical application in which the fiber will be used. Consequently in order to determine which fiber is right for the application it is necessary to have the following informations:

 - Which source will be used? (Wavelengths, Power level, spot size, Input and Output NA, etc.)

-  Design and dimensions (Maximum external diameter, length, specific design, bend radius, etc.)

-  Environment (T°, chemical exposure, biocompatibility, sterilization method, etc.)


Also critical is the capability to design and manufacture the assembly in order to obtain a safe and efficient product. Experienced application engineers, ISO 13485 certification, clean room manufacturing and risk analysis have to be seriously considered.

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